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Can a pill help you live longer?

Olga Donica, head of innovation and lifescience at Clinique La Prairie, tells us more about this science of nutritional supplements.

Can a pill help you live longer

With today’s food and fast agriculture systems, our meals might have left behind the nutrition density. This means that in addition to a “healthy food first” lifestyle, we need to provide high quality nutrients and protective elements in different formats to our body. Nutraceuticals can help with it. Olga Donica, head of innovation and lifescience at Clinique La Prairie, tells us more about this science of nutritional supplements.


A dietary supplement or nutraceutical represents a product that contains nutrients or specific extracts derived from food and plants and is delivered in liquid, capsule, powder, or pill format. Food supplements are this powerful tool that can be used to add extra health benefits in addition to the nutritional value found in foods. Today we are able to find advanced formulations with specific goals which is not anymore just targeting a deficiency of iron or vitamin D for example.

However the quality, the extraction method, stabilization process is something that make today the food supplements with high or low performance. It’s important to mention that there are 2 types of food supplements: 1. To aim nutritional deficiencies only and 2. To aim specific therapeutic health goals (promote optimal health, boosting/enhancement action, prevention). Therefore, nutraceuticals may be used to improve health, prevent chronic diseases, act on the aging processes, or just support the functions and integrity of the body biology.


Today science enables us with powerful tools we can use to change the way we age and empower our body biology. Nutrition is probably among the most important and major changes we must all adopt very early in life. The inclusion of dietary components throughout diet and nutraceuticals, that act to reduce the age related decline and disease is actually a choice anyone can make. Supplements can deliver true solutions where the therapeutic dosage comes as priority from the bench to the capsule, a reality hard to be achieved only with our diet. Among them, there are indeed supplements that may affect aging and longevity, they specifically influence the age-related deterioration of the body and its underlying mechanisms. They may affect the damage to and function of chromosomes, the function of mitochondria, protein quality, and other aspects of cellular health and integrity.


Nutrition-based interventions are fundamental components of many therapeutic strategies used to effectively prevent and even reverse disease progression and restore optimal health and wellness. These personalized treatments may include therapeutic whole food plan and nutraceuticals that when applied consistently may bring the body back into equilibrium and longevity. At Clinique La Prairie, we have created a new approach in longevity supplements that goes beyond basic wellness support, with Holistic Health, a line of nutraceuticals infused with plant-based extracts and micronutrients, aiming at the complexity of aging mechanisms and promoting protection, healing, optimal health and cellular longevity. Through these advanced solutions aligned with a diet that structure the same goal in term of protection, healing and regeneration, we can unlock full body potential.

Holistic Health food supplements were created to aim beneficial effects at 4 levels with four different routines : immunity and healing, metabolism, detoxification and cognition. Age-Defy is one of the most advanced longevity formulation from the entire collection and is a 2-step routine with focus on immunity, healing and regenerative process. The beauty of Holistic Health supplements is that you can combine more than one routine at the same time to aim your therapeutic goals or needs. There will be always individuals that will need to focus more on cognitive health and sleep, others on immunity or even detoxification support. In synergy with a well-planned food plan, the nutraceutical approach of Holistic Health favor cellular protection and healing contributing to longevity and prevention in an integrative manner.


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