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Summer calls for a healthy gut

Many of us may feel in need of restoring intestinal health or wiping out some tiredness. Explore our nutritionists’ tips about plant-based food to filling you with energy and balance this summer. Eating a plant-based diet can help us balance our body fluids and fight inflammation, improving our sleep and ultimately boosting our immune system.
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Exploring longevity

Recent advances in science have led to a growing body of evidence showing that aging is inextricably linked to “senescence”, the process by which a cell ages and stops dividing but does not die. Over time, large numbers of these cells grow throughout the body. They remain active and release processes that cause inflammation and may damage nearby healthy cells.
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Astragalus, rejuvenation and immunity

Research empowers us with incredible knowledge about the potential of plants in providing health support and acting on the prevention of age-related damage. By fine tuning the therapeutic dosage in a well-established routine, plant extracts could be an ultimate tool in shifting the whole body in favor of healing and rejuvenation.
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The health benefits of Chlorella

Chlorella is an emerald-green microalgae with high therapeutic potential in human health from cholesterol lowering properties, detoxifying action, antioxidant activity and immune supporting effects, and when you think you have learned everything you could about chlorella, here are some unbelievable insights about this nutrient-dense ingredient and its mechanism of action at cellular level.
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A look into the future of health and wellness

This 10th October marks the World Mental Health Day. The pandemic has made us well and truly prioritise health. A Clinique La Prairie research has shown that 79%* of people feel that their own health has been affected in some way by Covid-19. There is a demand for more meaningful all-encompassing preventive tools, placing the link between the body’s health’ and the mind’s wellbeing into sharp relief.
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