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How nutrients work together to produce “more” for your wellbeing

We are living in an era of profound wellbeing transformation, redefining the way we take care of our health in every day of our lives. Changing the way we live is an essential step, but we have to go above and beyond, developing an awareness that is all round «more». More for optimal health, more of a holistic approach to ourselves.
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Everything you should know about turmeric and turmeric supplements

The power of spices in protecting and supporting health was since old times a mysterious characteristic we wanted to unveil and understand. Spices are unique antioxidants packed with actives, and phytonutrients, and their anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral properties help keep the immune system robust.
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Fisetin: unlocking the senolytic potential

In the cutting-edge research that could help us all live better for longer, cellular senescence is a topic of growing interest. Senescent cells are cells that, under stress conditions, engage in a process to prevent the replication of damaged DNA. As a result, they stop dividing, then accumulate, releasing compounds in the body that accelerate aging.
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Key elements to unlock the power of your brain

How healthy is your brain? The neurobiology of the brain is a fascinating field and brings unbelievable insights about the complex neuronal microarchitecture of our mind. Brain is where the performances begin and end. It monitors and controls all the energy metabolism of the body and it never stops working.
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