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Immucell, the secret to reduce your body inflammation

Inflammation and immune system

Premature aging is associated with immune system dysregulation, of which the most evident characteristics are increased levels of proinflammatory markers. Therefore, inflamm-aging is believed to stand at the origin of most of the diseases such as cancer, autoimmune disorders, and chronic inflammatory diseases.

Understanding the link between inflammation and immune system is not an easy task. Acute inflammation is indispensable for immune responses to invading pathogens or acute traumatic injuries. This process enables repair and cell turnover in multiple tissues.

The immune-system-disruption

In contrast, chronic inflammation normally causes low-grade and persistent inflammation, leading to tissue degeneration. Chronic, low-grade inflammation is a crucial contributor to various age-related pathologies. Conversely, chronic inflammatory mechanisms can accelerate the “immune-senescence” process. Therefore, the mechanisms that underlie this persistent aging-associated “silent” inflammation seem to involve changes in the numbers and functions of innate immune cells. This immune-system-disruption phenomenon increases the susceptibility to malignancy, autoimmunity, and infections; it decreases the response to vaccinations; and impairs wound healing and accelerates aging.

The power of Immucell

Specialized nutraceuticals can positively support the immune defenses and reduce inflammatory status. Using an accurate intervention to effectively reduce inflammation without weakening the surveillance and defensive functions of the immune system is a real possibility in nutrition today.  IMMUCELL is a unique shiitake extract with great potential in nutraceutical application. Its nutritional components include bioactive polysaccharides with unique benefits and immune supporting effects.

β-glucans play an important role as a prebiotic

One of the active compounds responsible for the IMMUCELL immune modulating effects is the complex polysaccharide β-glucans. Molecules like glucans are relatively resistant to stomach acid and are trapped by macrophage receptors present on the intestinal wall and elicit different host responses, especially homeostasis and immunomodulation.

More interestingly, β-glucans play an important role as a prebiotic, nourishing and promoting a healthy intestinal microecology. Given that the gut microbiome shapes the function of the host immune system and exerts systemic metabolic effects, it seems possible to modulate inflammation by manipulating the composition and functionality of this dynamic intestinal bacterial ecosystem of the human body. Therefore, the secret of our Immucell integrated in HH formulations consists of this unique dual ability to impact the immune system through 2 different mechanisms.

Age-Defy Immunity

IMMUCELL is featured as Compound Explosion in Age-Defy Immunity. In this formula, this bioactive compound is integrated in a higher concentration to enhance the action that can support the immune system and aid the delay of cellular aging.

Discover the explosion of Immucell in Age-Defy