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Key elements to unlock the power of your brain

How healthy is your brain? The neurobiology of the brain is a fascinating field and brings unbelievable insights about the complex neuronal microarchitecture of our mind. Brain is where the performances begin and end. It monitors and controls all the energy metabolism of the body and it never stops working.
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Sleep well to live better

Sleep is an essential part of our existence. The time we spend asleep - about a third of our lives - is essential for our physical and psychic recovery. When you are affected by a sleeping disorder, negative effects such as fatigue, irritability and concentration deficiencies become apparent.
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The Immune System,
A key mission to our health

Thanks to our immune system, we cannot fall ill from a disease that we have already had, or against which we have been vaccinated. it can be empowered by its adaptive mechanisms to reinforce its capacity of response to future threats. This ability is due to the fact that the immune system keeps track of the pathogens or malignant cells it has fought, which allows it to recognize and protect itself from them. Without immune protection, a simple scratch would be potentially fatal.
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Forbes Italy

Clinique La Prairie is a Swiss health & wellness destination that has been offering the most advanced treatments for a healthier life for 90 years. Today, it continues to build on cutting-edge therapies and aims to grow internationally.
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What does Detox mean?

Detox treatment, detox food… current wellness trends include an increasing drive to detoxify our bodies. Behind the catchy name lies a health reality : our bodies do indeed need to regenerate and purify themselves.
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