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Mental Wellness - How to keep inner balance

Wellbeing springs from a multitude of elements using all five senses to build physical, psychological and emotional balance. Certain Eastern cultures place it at the centre of holistic practices elevated to the rank of therapeutic acts and even arts of living, such as Ayurveda.

As Clinique La Prairie’s experts note, it’s important to understand and to know that everybody passes through different stages faced with challenges and a life constantly being tested by the frantic pace of our world. When reacting with emotional flows to certain situations, the brain starts to use the mechanisms of “self-defense” to balance this overflow.

Here are a few facts to understand the scientific source of stress: it is an abnormal response of the body to a very powerful experience, be it sensory (a loud noise for example), physical, emotional or life-challenging. The body reacts by producing physical and chemical distortions, that are stored all over the body, possibly preventing the normal functioning of many bodily systems. This stress results in a cascade of reactions that trigger the release of cortisol hormones, resulting in symptoms such as increased heart rate, tensed muscles and high blood pressure. When our body is stressed, it lowers our immunity and can make us feel tired, sick, sleepless and anxious. Over time, if our body is constantly under chronic stress, it will always be on high alert, which can be extremely damaging. Research links chronic stress exposure to DNA damage and toxic effects on mental, cognitive and physical health that contribute to aging and increase the risk of age-related diseases.

We can’t avoid stressful situations in life, but we can develop practices and find various supports to respond to them. This comes through an approach that works on our personal balance in different fields (emotional, physical, spiritual) but also on basics such as nutrition, movement, sleep, lifestyle, social contacts, supplements, …

Calming our mind through different strategies, such as deep breathing, yoga, holistic wellbeing treatments or meditation have many health-related benefits. A regular practice helps to have less constant anxiety, provides a state of calmness and brings our mind to be clearer and more creative. And perhaps that is why more and more people are taking up these practices nowadays. They are key in the path to longevity and the prevention of illness because the body will then be better able to defend itself and resist stress, as well as benefiting from immune system stimulation. They also trigger the production of neurotransmitters, such as dopamine, serotonin and endorphins, which generate positive feelings and beneficial effects: pleasure, comfort, fullness, and connection.

Transcendental Meditation for example has been the subject of more than 700 scientific studies (many of which have been published in renowned scientific journals) which have shown the positive effects on the body, mind and behavior.

Supporting balance is all about giving our brains space to focus properly. Nutraceuticals are part of the toolbox to build better mental wellness. When featuring key nutrients and proven ingredients that contribute to reduce the impact of stress in our cellular process, improve sleep quality, slow mental activity and support brain capacity, dietary supplements can make a positive impact.

Specifically formulated with a mental clarity blend, the Holistic Health ENERGY supplements incorporate ingredients with science-based efficacy to support stress reactivity and cognitive performance, such as the amino acids Neuromics and L-Tyrosine, and the patented nootropic CogniviaTM. Redefine your own strengths.

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