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“This incredible plant-based & science backed supplement line keeps my detox process rolling and skyrockets energy levels. You owe yourself the love you give others. That’s why nurturing your body from the inside out is so important.”

Ginta Kubiliute

“As a health coach, I can say : there’s a clientele here that needs to be introduced to the cutting-edge science that’s provided by Clinique La Prairie.”

Hanan, Health coach

“I started to take them end of August. After a few days I already felt the difference.”

Mitzie, health-conscious guest of Clinique La Prairie

“Finding a better balance has been a major focus for me. Clinique La Prairie holistic approach clearly appealed to me. Now that I’ve been using their products on a daily basis for the past few months, I can testify that I could see immediate results on my skin. And, even more important to me, my sleep quality has dramatically improved.”

F. , CEO luxury brand

“Nutraceuticals are a powerful tool to complement a healthy diet and, strategically chosen, may target age-associated mechanisms and promote the body’s optimal health. Hgh-performance formulations built on science-backed ingredients: this is our expert approach with every single ingredient of our supplements.”

Olga Donica, Nutrition and Lifescience Expert

“There are several well-known nutritional strategies such as the use of magnesium, vit.D and zinc supplements for immune system support However plants, as a fundamental source of bioactive extracts with therapeutic potential, and innovative compounds may also intensify immunomodulating effects when added to your regimen: Beta-glucans Complex, Curcumin Complex, Astragalus, Camu Camu for example. Each have their own specificities and natural powers to help boost immuno-protection, anti-inflammatory responses and shield from aggressors. This is why we use them for Holistic Health routines.”

Dr. Adrian Heini, Medical Director

“Make a new way of conscious living… younger, healthier, a new start of enjoying life. These supplements are made from powerful micronutrients and most potent senolytics to reduce age-related pathology and increase lifespan.”

Dr. Lisbeth Mendez

“I just finished my two months of Purity (detox) cure and I totally approve it. It aids in the liver’s natural cleansing and toxins elimination processes and helps protect against oxidative stress. In the formula, there is chokeberry extract, camu camu and microalgae Chlorella but not only!”