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What does Detox mean?

Detox treatment, detox food… current wellness trends include an increasing drive to detoxify our bodies. Behind the catchy name lies a health reality : our bodies do indeed need to regenerate and purify themselves. When we’re feeling tired and our energy levels are down, a detox is certainly one of the best ways of getting back on track.

What does “Detox” mean ?

This refers to intervention designed to eliminate toxins accumulated in our bodies and initiate lasting health improvements. It’s mainly based on therapies and treatments to enable natural excretion of chemical pollutants by the liver, kidneys, bladder and skin.

Why a detox treatment ?

Stress, pollution, food treated with pesticides, overconsumption of sugar or animal food … Our modern- day lifestyles expose us to a vast quantity of toxins every day, which can affect our bodies’ regeneration capabilities. We demand so much of our liver, kidneys or even skin that they can no longer keep pace. The chemical pollutants to which we’re exposed therefore tend to accumulate in our nervous system, fatty tissues, bones and muscles, which can lead to fatigue, digestive problems, dull complexion and hair, and sometimes unexplained allergies or a weakened immune system. By removing these toxins and boosting liver biotransformation, a detox promotes physiological balance. Detox treatments are thus fundamental for us all.

Our ability to detoxify the body depends on 3 important factors: our age, our genetics and our diet. When young, our liver detoxification pathways are more performant. As we age, the cellular functional decline affects this detox performance and our bodies tend to accumulate more toxins.

What should I eat to support my liver and kidney’s detox functions ?

Specific foods may upregulate or favorably balance the body’s processes involved in in the body’s detoxification processes (they help biotransform and eliminate toxins). A vegan diet is the most appropriate to reduce inflammatory stress. Foods such as cruciferous vegetables, leafy greens, berries, garlic and even spices like turmeric shall be chosen for supporting the liver detoxification. Plant-based and fiber dense foods meals are a must (at least 50% of your main meals). Enrich your diet with seeds, nuts, whole-grains, seaweeds, spirulina, chlorella and moringa for example.

To optimize results and engagement during your detox diet, 3 areas are fundamental :

– Gradually lower your sugar intake and allow yourself only sugar from natural sources (fruits), in moderate quantities.

– If you are a coffee or tea lover, progressively reduce your caffeine intake (totally if you can or maximum 1 cup a day), same applies with energy drinks or teas containing caffeine. Make sure to maintain a daily good hydration by including in your routine infused water, herbal teas, vegetable juices, soups, whole fruits and vegetables.

– Eliminating the consumption of alcohol is fundamental.

Detox-focused supplements can be high-powered allies to support the cleansing of the body. Holistic Health Purity Daily Dtx is the result of Clinique La Prairie’s science-based approach and unrivalled clinical expertise (the clinic’s Master Detox program is the most advanced in its field). It is packed with anti-inflammatory, detox boosting and immunostimulant properties to harness the power of cellular and nutritional sciences.